Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The New Vodafone Commercial

Im sure You've all seen the new Vodafone ad. Vodafone( formerly Hutch) shot into fame for their ads with the Pug who became famous as the HUTCH DOG. Though somehow they manage to re-invent the Hutch Dog everytime & very successfully at that, its after a long time that they decided to shift focus from the dog & actually use people. And boy did they come up with a winner or wat!

The ad is actually a simple one depicting their new scheme of "Chota credit" wherein you can request for currency on credit in case you find yourself out of balance & need some urgently. And the ad makers have gone back to school literally to put it across to the people. The first thing you'll notice is how cute the li'l girl is & the image that'll last in your mind once the ad is over is the toothy grin of the guy which is my favourite part of the ad. You just cant help but smile when you see that smile on his face, tell me if you dont :-)Also dont miss the expression of the guy right after he places the ink drop on the table.I love the background score too:-) Way to go guys!