Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Photo Voting - Boundaries!


Please do read the previous post before proceeding further.

And so here it is!!! The very 1st "Weekly Photo Challenge Championships" :-) The theme was "Boundaries". It was the very 1st Wordpress Photo Challenge. Till date there were 119 comments under the topic with almost equal number of entries. I've gone through all of them ( The ones who posted it in the Weekly Photo Challenge Topic only). The ones who didnt post it under that topic will unfortunately not get a look in. So here are the best 10. Click on the links below (Dont worry it'll open in a new tab) Remember that these were the chosen 10 from the 100 & more entries.. IIl post updates on twitter @ryan2484








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Please do read the poems & captions at the bottom of some of the pics coz they are really good... Vote widely, Voting ends next tuesday so you have a week

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A Wordpress Idea!!!!

Wordpress has come out with the unique & brilliant idea of "The Daily Post" which has got bloggers all over the world including me hooked on to blogging. About 2 months ago they came up with this concept & the results are here for everyone to see! They have two categories "The Post a Day" & "The Post A Week" Challenges. There are more bloggers posting new articles & there are even more readers now.... So i decided to take this initiative a step further. Everyone wants to be appreciated for their efforts including me so I thought why not have a poll to decide some of the best posts! Not every blogger gets featured on the "FEATURED POSTS" or the "FRESHLY PRESSED" though Im sure that each & every blogger does go & visit those two pages after "publishing" a post. So I thought why not have poll & let the bloggers themselves decide which is the best post.

Now the "post a day" makes it practically impossible to go through every blog for the particular topic. So it wouldnt be fair on the ones who are left out.So I thought why not go for the "WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE" coz that makes it much easier to cover each & every blog for the theme of the week. As you know during a week there are atleast 100 posts so ill go through everyone of those & post the best 6 to 8 for the voting process.I'll begin the 1st poll with the very 1st topic "Boundaries" & keep a period of 1 week for the voting process at the end of which we'll know which post recieved the maximum votes.

I hope Wordpress takes over this initiative after this poll to conduct more such surveys to encourage the bloggers even more & keep them more interested!

My Journey Into The World Of Blogging!

BLOGGING! I didn’t even know what that meant a few years back until one of my friends told me “Dude check out my blog, I’ve posted about the party last night”. I was like “WHAT? What the hell is a blog?” And he went on to explain everything about it. What I still remember him sayin was “its like your own site” & honestly speaking that’s what got me really interested in it. After all who doesn’t want their own site. His explanation ended  with him giving me his address -

And that was my introduction to the world of blogging! I was so amused by it that I wasted no time in creating my 1st blog ID after I went through his blog. And it was a great experience too for about a year. On Multiply you actually feel that you have your own website because the layout is such. For a 1st time blogger it was very easy coz its neat & uncluttered. Ofcourse at that time I didn’t know anything about WORDPRESS or BLOGGER or LIVE JOURNAL or the numerous other blogging platforms.

Like I said after a while I got bored with Multiply coz it didn’t seem to grow at all! No matter how many new articles I posted, there were hardly any viewers to read them & there was no means to promote the blog except for publishin it on orkut(there was no facebook that time). The ones who did visit my blog were asked to create an account if they wished to comment on my posts & this was really annoying. How many of us will go through such trouble just to post a comment? And so began the quest to find something new. And I did exactly what Im sure most of the 1st time bloggers do, I went to Google & typed “best blogging platform” which obviously gave me lotta results but something that caught my eye was that WORDPRESS & BLOGGER featured top in most of the results. This was 3 years ago & when I went through the reviews I found that most of them said that Blogger was better than Wordpress but only by a whisker. The only confusing part initially was the difference between WORDPRESS.COM & WORDPRESS.ORG. I just couldn’t understand why one site had to different domain names :D

I went through every review for days &so easily narrowed down my options to the two, but was still confused coz I didn’t wanna start blogging like on multiply & change all over again. So I did something that many would call stupid, I created an identical id on both the platforms. And I published my 1st two posts on both so that I could get a feel of both. And though everyone at that time said Blogger was better I found Wordpress much more comfortable so I deleted the other one & kept Wordpress.

And boy am I happy that I made the right choice. Coz the last 2 yrs have proved me right. Today you type that same search on google “best blogging platform” & every result will tell you that Wordpress is undoubtedly better. And I agree with that coz I’ve personally experienced it.

When I began blogging on Wordpress I began with gusto, posting articles on a regular basis, & everytime my visitors number increased I was even more thrilled coz multiply had just the members counted. The themes at that time were very limited & so were the widgets which was the low point for me. After a while though I hit a writers block & just didn’t know what new to post & so took a break from blogging for about a year. I came back & I was amazed to see that WORDPRESS had changed a lot with newer themes, new publishing features, facebook twitter integration & new layouts but what thrilled me the most was the initiatives that they had taken to encourage bloggers with their “The Daily Post” initiative. That really got me hooked & got me to loving blogging again! Now I check everyday to see the topic of the day & also read other blogs featured in the “Freshly Pressed”. This makes it so much easier than searching for other blogs on Google, I can search them on Wordpress itself!

So its very easy to know that Im really happy about being here & don’t planning on changing anytime soon. And so the reason for my this post is to tell anyone who searches on Google for “best blogging platform” & finds my post that yeah at present WORDPRESS is the best! Don’t think twice before you start your blog here & this is from me who is a total neutral. Happy Blogging!

A note- I have to mention this coz this is something that really impressed me. I was having some trouble with my blog(which in the end turned to be my own stupidity) So I wrote to Wordpress Customer Support. Frankly speaking I never expected a reply for them coz how often do Customer Supports help you in anyway. Boy was I wrong. The very next day I received a reply from a DARYL from WP giving me the exact solution to my problem!!!! Unbelievable!!!! So they actually support you.

Some Amusing Stuff

Now there are some things that you never get to see sitting at home. A 3 layered Coffee, A truck wheely & One of a kind Hotel Restaurant :-D Simple & yet curious...


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do You Want Some Ice Cream?

I was checking my mail on Yahoo & this piece of NEWS content caught my eye. Now frankly speaking I dont know what to say so I'd rather post the content & let you decide for yourselves :)

So here it is, Breast Milk Ice cream! Why think of new flavours, new presentations when you can change the milk itself :S Simple! Its something that you always wanted right? It also goes on to say...

So its all for the cash... The things people will do for money is both amusing & amazing...And just when you felt that "this is heights" the article ends with the following piece

So the question now is...Are you ready for some Baby Gaga Icecream.... Coz Im not :-D

What Do You See???

Its raining outside. The roll of thunder, the flash of lightning, it seems like the Gods are at war with each other. And well, if there’s only one God then he must be mighty angry to make so much noise! I sit by the window with a cup of hot steaming coffee , hoping that Im not the cause of Gods anger & also thanking my luck that Im all cozy & comfy inside when its pouring Scoobies & Toms outside ( I use the names of only the most famous cats & dogs )

I try to look outside through the glass but it just isn’t possible coz all I see is the li’l drops gliding across the window pane & distorting the rainy picture outside. The tree looks like a glob of green, the moving worm is actually a car, the red traffic light seems to have broken into a thousand red spots splattered all over the glass. It all seems so unreal…

And then you wonder, isn’t life exactly like this? You see everyone through a watery film choosing to look for what you want rather than what it actually is. One craves for life to be exactly how one wants it to be & people to be like how one wants them to be. And when its not like this then you hear stuff like “Life isn’t fair” & “Men are dogs & women are bitches”. The guy wearing oversize jeans with rajor sharp pointy hair is a freak coz that’s what freaks are supposed to look like in your head. The woman crossing the street with her head held high is a bitch with an attitude coz according to you normal people should walk like they have a gun pointed to their head. The beggar across the street is the most useless person on earth coz if wasn’t he would be working instead of begging right?

So its all according to one’s own perception. So in the end is there actually something that’s good & bad or right & wrong …. Or is it just what You &  Me see? J

Friday, February 25, 2011

What keeps you up at night?

Its 10 PM. I just blogged my views on the “what gets better with age” topic on the Post A Day Challenge on Wordpress & as usual the moment I posted it I went to the FRESHLY PRESSED section to check whether my name has been displayed. And as usual its not… DAMN! But while I do that I see that the next topic on the POST A DAY is already put up! And its an interesting one at that. Now Im confused as to whether I should post a blog or not coz Im sleepy & ironically the topic is “What keeps you up at night” …. Darn Im so not fit to write about this

Mainly coz I sleep so well!!! Not  just at night but in the mornings, afternoons & evenings as well!!! Infact just the sight of the bed is enough & you’ll see me dozing & moving towards it like a zombie. Unlike some people who are kept awake by problems & worries I sleep through them… Not funny guys :S

But that doesn’t mean that nothing keeps me awake. Watching a scary movie just before going to bed doesn’t help at all. Now when I say scary movie, I don’t mean the SCARY MOVIE part 1,2,3 etc :-S Just making that clear. I think horror movies sound better. Yeah those do keep me awake. And Im not ashamed to say that I’ve woken up many a times in the middle of the night to look under the bed & hope that the ghost which was in the movie that I just watched isn’t getting too cozy under my bed! Actually I just realized that I am ashamed of it but its too late now!

And the goals & ambitions in life do keep me up sometimes but that’s only coz Im confused as to why I have those goals? Nobody told me to go get them. Nor am I prepared to put in all the hard work necessary when I can otherwise lead a happy & comfortable life… So I worry about myself, thinking maybe there’s something wrong with me. But these thoughts plague me only for a few minutes… after that I sleep like a baby for the next 10 hours!! :D

The thoughts expressed here are purely fictional. Nothing in this post is true except for me looking for my name in the FRESHLY PRESSED section hahaha

What gets better with age??? A different perspective

What gets better with age?
Posted on February 24, 2011 by Scott Berkun| 32 Comments

Topic #56

What gets better with age?

Bonuses: 1) What is something you thought would get better with age, that didn’t? 2) What is something you thought wouldn’t get better with age, that did?

Now the topic on wordpress daily post got me really amused coz whats the 1st quote that comes to your mind when you read the topic? "....gets better with age like wine"... Well Im no wine drinker so I have no clue as to how far this quote is true but then who am I say to say otherwise.

So what DOES get better with age? I say that its WE who get better with age. Now before you think that Im gonna get all philosophical, fear not coz Im not! If you think that Im gonna say that with age comes experience & with experience we learn & coz of that we mellow down then your wrong again... Coz what will a 27 yr old know anything about experience?????

Then why exactly do we become much better people as we age? It only coz of one reason & thats coz with time OUR MEMORY BECOMES WEAKER! And its this memory loss which makes us feel that all is good in life.

Just think... you're really angry & upset with someone today, you feel that there's nothing in this world that could make you more upset than just seeing the face of that individual. You vow never to see him/her again. (Mind you, Im talking only when someone has genuinely done some wrong to you) And you do infact cut them out of your life. But then what happens about a year or so later? You begin to question yourself as to whether what you did was right or wrong. You begin seeing the same person in a different light. You feel that all the wrong done previously was just some misunderstanding.

Well... Its not! Everything is just the same. The person is the same he/she was last year. The only thing that has changed is that you've forgotten the minute details, you remember only about the good things & forget the rest! Its not your fault, its your mind... And then you say the famous quote again "Forgive & forget"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Boundaries- Separated)

I was going through the "The Daily Post" on Wordpress & came across the various challenges put up. I must admit that I'd been on a long break from blogging & so pleasantly surprised & also thrilled with the activities on Wordpress

The moment I saw the "photo challenge" with the BOUNDARIES theme I had to put up this pic which I had clicked around a year ago. Its from a small coffee shop in a village. "3 layered coffee" is what we used to call it... 3 layers without boundaries?? :-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Something About Nothing!

Ok its been a really long time since I’ve made my presence felt  & so here I am! And that’s obviously bad news. Today  Im gonna do something that’s gonna piss off 2 people coz that’s whats this post is meant to do J. I was sitting all by myself wondering…no wait, was it procrastinating or was it reflecting?  Ok I don’t exactly know what the latter two mean so Ill stick to “I was wondering” J Yeah now that that’s settled lets get on with the blog. So I was sitting & thinking, I mean wondering “Its been a while since someone really pissed me off, atleast a month maybe, when was the last time I wondered!!“  I swiveled my chair (yes I have a swivel chair) & my eyes landed on the table where unfortunately(for the ones Im talkin about)  my laptop was switched on & I saw facebook !!!! And there it was! Under the list of “FRIENDS” I saw some “Non Friends”. The list of all the people who I’ve felt like giving  an MTV“one tight slap” either now or in the past. Ofcourse there are a couple of people who aren’t in my list but that’s a story for some other time. So here goes, ofcourse I wont use the actual names coz that would be rude, wouldn’t it?  And its also a lot more fun to keep people guessing & making them procrastinate “is it me he’s talking about” (I told you I don’t know what that word means) Ofcourse they already know who they are so the rest of you don’t worry J

So the 1st one is …well lets call him Nosy. Now Nosy is called so for a reason but its not the reason you all are thinking about. That’s just for me. Now this kind of specimen is a very dangerous one coz you never really can predict or guess how they are, what they’ll do & when they’ll do. One minute they are your knicker buddies  & the next minute they are telling people that you resemble a monkeys behind! Now why they do that, don’t ask me. I think its better you ask Nosy or his shrink coz Im sure he has one. Now Nosy would surely blow his hat off after reading this which I know for sure he will once he finishes pretending that he’s busy. Yeah Nosy’s always busy, busy doing what? Just wandering around the city I guess coz that’s all he knows. You can ask him & he’ll explain it to you in his ever delightful way though be warned that that can take days at the speed (or the lack of it) that he talks. I’ve always felt that he makes the girls cringe when he opens his mouth to talk but Nosy tells me that he’s just awesome with the ladies but who am I to judge. Actually Im just pretending to be nice, I will judge him J but not today. Maybe Nosy needs to get a dog. Why? I don’t know, its just an observation

Now coming to the next one & this one belongs to the opposite gender. One of those typical so called blondes.  She thinks she’s the best but wouldn’t be able to tell a notebook from toilet paper. Lets call her Slutty J Why? Coz it sounds girly & also coz the name says it all. Now Slutty is one weird girl. She thinks that all the guys in the universe kiss the gorund she walks on. And when one of those guys shatter that myth of hers  she’ll just go around  telling her friends “He’s crazy about me, but Im not interested in him” Wake up & smell the coffee or rather those fumes that you blow woman! Nobody is interested in you, except maybe for those losers you hang out with! This one will do anything to draw your attention & I mean ANYTHING. From questionable outfits to questionable doubts! She’ll try it all! Does she need to get a dog too? Im not gonna answer that coz that would tell everyone who she is hahaha. Damn Im funny, nobody cracks me up as much as me.

So there you have it. This is just the beginning. There’s more to come. This was just to get the ball rolling & also increase the hits on my blog. What can I do, I’m a li’l devil too. Ta da!