Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nike's First Cricket Commercial

Im sure most of you guys have checked out the Nike Cricket Commercial thats being shown on TV(If you havent seen it, check out the videos section here). Well its Nike's first cricket related commercial & keeping in tune with the superb commercials they come up with, this one too is absolutely amazing. What I like about it is the raw energy that you see on the screen. Its almost what you see on the streets with ofcourse the OVERTHE TOP execution which is so much like our Hindi movies. The other unique feature of the commercial & a refreshing one at that is that the cricketers (Sreesanth & Zaheer Khan) are just onlookers in it & not the main attraction which is also a deviation from the normal for Nike which is known to make Star centric commercials.The brains behind the commercial say that they wanted to depict how cricket is played on the streets in India.According to them " On our streets in India, cricket is played in the toughest, meanest and best way.These players are as tough, mean and hard (as international cricketers)". "'Gutsy Cricket' was the concept behind the Nike cricket ad. You just cant help but smile everytime you see it

Here are some interesting facts about the ad-
1.Its Nike's first cricket Commercial.
2. It took half an hour to script the Commercial!!! (That was quick, was'nt it???)But they made sure that everything was right....Did you hear the...."Balcony, ball dena" which is so typical of the lingo in Mumbai. Also the guy in the balcony clipping his nose hairs & the statue,all show the detail into which they have gone.
3. It took a month to shoot the commercial!!!(Some movies are shot in a month)
4. The commercial was shot on the sets of Karjat in Mumbai
5. The set was very close to the sets of the reality show "Big Boss". Infact some of the cricket balls during the shoot landed on the Big Boss site.Even the elephant in the Nike ad ventured onto the Big Boss sets.(I guess Rakhee Sawant frightened it off the sets)
6. The buildings shown are facades with nothing behind.
7. The actors in the ad are actually professional stuntsmen
8. The song used in the commercial is actually a reinvention of an old goan number.I managed to get the original song. Its called Bebdo.Its in the Music section here. The song in this commercial is sung by Ella Castelino.The lyrics when translated to english goes like this-

'Wait, partner, wait
First let me play
If you don't play, I'll keep chasing you all day
Our game is like this only
Where we have no time to think
It is the game of cat and mouse
That I have begun to love
And in the falling running breaking
My destiny is entwined'

All in all a great job done by the Nike team!!!!

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