Sunday, March 22, 2009

All About Torrents - Download Movies

A lot of my friends have been asking me about how to download movies through torrents. I always end up explaining the same thing over & over again. So I thought that Ill just write the whole thing down so that it can be a one time thing. Ill keep this real simple without talking about the P2P stuff & all the other unnecessary details. Let’s just make it real easy so that any beginner(like me) can start downloading quality movies without any hassles.

The 1st step involved is downloading a “client”. Now a client is like an agent, a sort of a middle man so to say between the movies & you. This client has to be downloaded & is in fact a simple but a very key step which decides how all your downloads will go about. Now there are a number of clients from which you can choose. According to my order of preference they would be:

  1. u torrent

  2. Vuze(formerly Azureus)

  3. Bitcomet

  4. Bitlord.


I was a big fan of Vuze until recently but now u torrent is the leading client for various reasons. One is it is very lightweight, downloading it takes less than a minute & it has a very easy to use interface. I’ve given the links to all the 4 clients so you don’t have to go searching for them, just click on the names of whichever you want from above. Once you’ve done that save the file. Click on the saved file, RUN it which in turn will install it. There you’re done with it. Forget this for the time being.

Now coming to the fun part, the movies. Again if I give you the names of the major sites:






Now I don’t mind you choose any of these sites coz these are the very best. You can get virtually anything on these sites. All the sites have the same format. Click on any…. Again all the links are here so you can click on them here itself. Once you’ve entered the site, type in the name of the movie you want. You’ll get a whole lotta results. The trick now is to select the right one to download. Here’s how you can decide which ones to select:

  1. Torrents usually having the names Axxo, Klaxxon, Fxg are quality stuff, the very best you can get.

  2. Always check the comments…. These will tell you whether the torrent is worth the download. Go by the majority vote

  3. Check the seeders & leechers. Seeders are people who’ve already downloaded the entire movie & are sharing it , leechers are people who are still downloading the movie. Leechers share too.

See that the torrent you’ve selected has a good number of seeders. Once you’ve chosen the right torrent, click on download torrent, save it to your desktop. Right click on the saved icon & select the open with option & choose the name of the client you’ve downloaded. If you’ve downloaded u torrent, select open with utorrent & the movie starts downloading automatically for you! Enjoy your movies!

P.S- Here's a list of all the torrent movie sites- Movies

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