Friday, March 11, 2011

Stairway To The Room

Well I basically clicked this picture for no reason but when I saw it, the 1st thing that came to my mind were two very famous songs –‘Stairway to Heaven’ & ‘The Room At The Top Of The Stairs’. One is an all time favourite & the other is my favourite. The stairs in the picture lead to my room so no guessing as to which one is my favourite song of the two.  At the end of these stairs is neither heaven nor the room where all the “stuff” that happens in the song so its actually as useless as the picture.

And if you wanna get philosophical about it then I guess you’ll remind me, just like how my grade 3 teacher ,that it would also mean “Failure is the stepping stone to success”.  To be frank I didn’t click it thinking about that coz these steps are far too cool to be equated with that saying . I mean shouldn’t the stone for that quote be more battered than these? But then how many times has one heard this saying. When you’re down, your friends say it to you & when your friends are down, you say it to them. Either way it does get said a lot. Its like a rule that you have to say it or else you’re not motivating the person who’s ‘down’. But then it doesn’t always hold true coz there are a number of people who have to just go through life suffering one failure after another! And those who lead an average life despite putting in all the hard work! So you cant really blame them if they do succumb to failure right? What then?

This is where some wise guy out there who bounced back after being beaten down over & over again came up with the “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. Now that covers all the bases, doesn’t it? Somehow even I can relate to it. I mean just coz you failed once or twice or many times doesn’t automatically mean that you’re gonna succeed & make it big right? You only become wiser or lets say stronger. You learn what is right for you & what is beyond you. Now don’t even get me started with ‘Nothing is impossible’ coz that quote is far from true. It does sound cool but ‘cool’ doesn’t get you through life. I mean what do shoe makers know anyways?(Impossible is Nothing)  Im more of the ‘ Aim for the stars, you’ll atleast reach the clouds’ kinda guy. So basically what I was saying was that you become stronger & you get bolder in life infact. And that’s what I guess success means. In the end it all comes to going out there EVERYDAY & giving your heart out at whatever that you do. Its not always about winning, not always about being the best. Sometimes ‘ordinary’ will do just fine. You have guys who become successful by chance & then there are those who don’t despite years of struggle but still don’t complain coz they love fighting it out!

So in the end life is about living each day as it comes. Getting up everyday & facing life & its challenges with enthusiasm. Coz there’s no point living your life if your not enjoying it… So lets just end it with a “Don’t worry, be happy’ ;-)