Sunday, April 10, 2011



Plato, the Greek philosopher believed that there existed a civilization about 3,500 years ago in the great Atlantic Ocean. He said that it was a paradise, a city consisting of an enormous palace & a beautiful temple believed to be covered entirely of gold & silver. The interior was of ivory & the walls & pillars were covered with orchil. It was a civilization both prosperous & happy until that fateful day when the volcano which stood by it erupted & flattened the entire civilization. A once bustling city covered now with ash & rubble.

Many believe that this was a mere figment of imagination of Plato’s mind. The story was told by him to his nephew Critias . It was propagated that the remains of the city lie in the depth of the Atlantic ocean which led to a series of explorations & studies. An American by the name Ignatius Donnelly even published a book ‘Atlantis- The Antediluvian World’ which went on to become a best seller.

To this day there are believers & there are skeptics. The controversy seems to flare up all of a sudden like it did in 1912, 1968, 1975. But to this day nobody can rule out or confirm the existence of the Atlantis


Probably one of the most famous mysteries of all time. Situated in the Western Atlantic between Florida, Bermuda & Puetro Rico, this seemingly haunted area seems to have swallowed up 100s of ships. In the beginning it was said that it was imaginary, people sat up & took notice when the number of  casualties went on increasing. Some believed that it was due to extreme gravitational & magnetic deviation that radios & compasses fail. Some even believed that the modern machinery lost in the Atlantic civilization were still working at the base of the triangle. Sand there are those that believe that the triangle is a hunting ground for alien visitors

In December 1945 five torpedo bombers disappeared in the triangle. The last words radioed from the ship were “we don’t know which way is west.Everything is wrong..Strange we cant be sure of any direction.Even the ocean doesn’t look as it should.

Over the years a number of explanations have been given & now most of them do not believe in the myth of the Bermuda triangle. But it will continue to be the most interesting topics of discussion...


On june 30th, 1908 Siberia experienced a mid air explosion. Everything within a 25 mile radius was destroyed. Trees uprooted, houses burnt, all the fauna killed. People said they saw a fire ball in the sky which was so powerful that it burnt their clothes. A similar thing was said to have happened in 1960 too.

A number of theories were given. One said it must’ve been a meteorite though it was never found. Next one in 1950 said that it might be due to impact of mid air nuclear explosion of some advanced civilization. The most accepted one is that it was due to a comets head entering the earths atmosphere.

The latest explanation is that a tiny black hole hit Siberia. According to Scientists a black hole is a huge lump of matter which had shrunk so much that it had become invisible. But light rays passing near it are drawn into it. And because of its density it generates such gravity that not even light can escape through it.

All in all its still not clear as to what exactly hit Siberia that fateful day!

4. The UFO’s

Any mystery has to have UFO’s mentioned in them. Reports of UFO sightings have come from 133 countries, nearly 82,000 sightings but 95% have been dismissed as fake. But there is still that remaining 5% that still continue to baffle everyone

Melbourne, 1978- Pilot Frederick Valentich noticed something flying towards him. He radioed saying “The thing is orbiting on top of me. Its hovering & its not an aircraft. It is…” The transmission broke off. It was thought that his plane must have crashed in the Tasmanian Sea.

This is just one of the many many “apparent” sightings.Some Scholars call it spaceships from outer galaxies. Erich Von Daniken called them "The Chariots of Gods"

There are explanations & counter arguments but the fact remains that UFO’s continue to be an interesting story to talk about.


In New Delhi is situated an IRON PILLAR. Its 22ft tall & has a diameter of 4 1/2 feet. It is a solid shaft of wrought iron with an ornamental top built by King Chandra. But the reason this pillar is famous is coz despite years of exposure to wind & rain it has not rusted or weakened! Erich Von Daniken in his book said that the Pyramids & the Iron Pillar could not have been built without “Super Intelligent” forces.

Over the years, myths have surrounded this pillar as well. It is said that if anyone is able to encircle the pillar, that person is supposed to be very fortunate. Whether its believable or not the mystery of the Iron pillar has not been solved despite a number of scientific tests. Maybe someday science will be able to tell us the exact material used