Friday, February 25, 2011

What keeps you up at night?

Its 10 PM. I just blogged my views on the “what gets better with age” topic on the Post A Day Challenge on Wordpress & as usual the moment I posted it I went to the FRESHLY PRESSED section to check whether my name has been displayed. And as usual its not… DAMN! But while I do that I see that the next topic on the POST A DAY is already put up! And its an interesting one at that. Now Im confused as to whether I should post a blog or not coz Im sleepy & ironically the topic is “What keeps you up at night” …. Darn Im so not fit to write about this

Mainly coz I sleep so well!!! Not  just at night but in the mornings, afternoons & evenings as well!!! Infact just the sight of the bed is enough & you’ll see me dozing & moving towards it like a zombie. Unlike some people who are kept awake by problems & worries I sleep through them… Not funny guys :S

But that doesn’t mean that nothing keeps me awake. Watching a scary movie just before going to bed doesn’t help at all. Now when I say scary movie, I don’t mean the SCARY MOVIE part 1,2,3 etc :-S Just making that clear. I think horror movies sound better. Yeah those do keep me awake. And Im not ashamed to say that I’ve woken up many a times in the middle of the night to look under the bed & hope that the ghost which was in the movie that I just watched isn’t getting too cozy under my bed! Actually I just realized that I am ashamed of it but its too late now!

And the goals & ambitions in life do keep me up sometimes but that’s only coz Im confused as to why I have those goals? Nobody told me to go get them. Nor am I prepared to put in all the hard work necessary when I can otherwise lead a happy & comfortable life… So I worry about myself, thinking maybe there’s something wrong with me. But these thoughts plague me only for a few minutes… after that I sleep like a baby for the next 10 hours!! :D

The thoughts expressed here are purely fictional. Nothing in this post is true except for me looking for my name in the FRESHLY PRESSED section hahaha