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What gets better with age??? A different perspective

What gets better with age?
Posted on February 24, 2011 by Scott Berkun| 32 Comments

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What gets better with age?

Bonuses: 1) What is something you thought would get better with age, that didn’t? 2) What is something you thought wouldn’t get better with age, that did?

Now the topic on wordpress daily post got me really amused coz whats the 1st quote that comes to your mind when you read the topic? "....gets better with age like wine"... Well Im no wine drinker so I have no clue as to how far this quote is true but then who am I say to say otherwise.

So what DOES get better with age? I say that its WE who get better with age. Now before you think that Im gonna get all philosophical, fear not coz Im not! If you think that Im gonna say that with age comes experience & with experience we learn & coz of that we mellow down then your wrong again... Coz what will a 27 yr old know anything about experience?????

Then why exactly do we become much better people as we age? It only coz of one reason & thats coz with time OUR MEMORY BECOMES WEAKER! And its this memory loss which makes us feel that all is good in life.

Just think... you're really angry & upset with someone today, you feel that there's nothing in this world that could make you more upset than just seeing the face of that individual. You vow never to see him/her again. (Mind you, Im talking only when someone has genuinely done some wrong to you) And you do infact cut them out of your life. But then what happens about a year or so later? You begin to question yourself as to whether what you did was right or wrong. You begin seeing the same person in a different light. You feel that all the wrong done previously was just some misunderstanding.

Well... Its not! Everything is just the same. The person is the same he/she was last year. The only thing that has changed is that you've forgotten the minute details, you remember only about the good things & forget the rest! Its not your fault, its your mind... And then you say the famous quote again "Forgive & forget"

Unfortunately Im not one of those emotional types, so neither do I forgive nor do I forget. If someone has done something really wrong to me then he doesnt deserve my friendship. Infact I might even write down all the points which make me hate the person in a book so that everytime I feel that nothing is wrong,I can read it & know that its not! :D Everyone has their own opinions, & well this is mine :)

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